The DeFeet Of Minxy Li
$15.99 - 15:00
Minxy Li (looking incredible in her pink leotard and Purple tights!) takes on a newcomer who seems pretty tame at first. Just another wrestling match, right? Wrong!
Apparently this stranger has something else in mind, knocking out the British bombshell and playing with her legs and feet!
Minxy starts the match out strong and appears to be the superior grappler, sending the stranger to dreamland around the 2 minute mark! She even teases him with her tights covered foot.
The stranger soon awakes and they are at it again but the tables start to turn however when the stranger catches Minxy with an Armbar that takes her out of action!
She wakes up a little woozy and the stranger takes advantage of this as he applies armbars, chokes, sleepers. dragon sleepers, headscissors and KO's her again and again, taking the opportunity to display Minxy's feet to the camera (and you, the viewers!) as well as partaking in a little worship himself.
Can't say we blame him!
Lots of great KO'ed foot posing!
KO Count: 6!
KO's:armbars, chokes, sleepers. dragon sleepers, headscissors