Kym vs. Tracy
$10.99 - 11:00
Novice wrestler Tracy Jordan takes on the more experienced Kymberly Jane in this action packed match that is a spandex unitard showdown! Both sexy girls square off with a grudge to settle and waste no time getting down to business.

Kym uses her size and strength to her advantage early, making easy work of the scrappy Tracy in a series of slow knockouts. Tracy is left in dreamland to recooperate between rounds. But Tracy shows Kym that she's no pushover, and uses her superior speed to manuver Kymberly into several easy pins and choke holds. These two spandex sirens face off in a final round where each girl is locked between each other's powerful thighs in a battle royale. Can either heroines avoid the double knockout?

This is a MUST SEE match for fans of shiny spandex unitards and private apartment style matches.

Featuring: Kymberly Jane, Tracy Jordan