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It's another no holds barred KO battle between two seasoned wrestlers, Mutiny and Annie Cruz! Annie comes hot out of the gate and puts Mutiny in trouble early, with a sleeper and a couple of leg chokes but Mutiny isn't going to take that lying down or sleeping on the job and she counters with some strong KO moves of her own!

The girls take turns kicking and stomping each other, along some carries, stretches and twists, they are not afraid to hurt one another. And if that wasn't bad enough, the two wrestlers throw in a few "illegal" moves like boob grabbing, nipple twisting and crotch claws while the ref wasn't looking! Wait, there is no ref! Someone stop the madness!


KO Count: 6!

KO's: Sleeper Hold, Leg Choke KO (2), Reverse Leg Scissor, Dragon Sleeper, Bearhug KO

Featuring: Mutiny, Annie Cruz